Baker’s Construction & Excavation has had the privilege of working with other dedicated professionals int he construction industry. We have enjoyed a mutual respect with our clients, subcontractors, and general contracts. Below, please find several testimonials highlighting our professionalism, dedication, and attention to details.

I have worked with Baker’s on jobs ranging from very small to multi millions, sometimes involving months of planning, and each one was given the same care and attention to quality. They always seem to go above and beyond throughout all phases of the job, helping us in any way they can.

Interstate Development Company

Baker’s Construction is a knowledgeable grading and utility company who performs their work efficiently with integrity. We are confident that Baker’s will install their work correctly.

BurWil Construction Company

Baker’s versatility has been a wonderful asset in ensuring the progress of our construction timelines, as well as, provides the ability to have a resource that is willing to assist in the day to day challenges and changes in construction.

Cottages Group, Inc

From the moment they step on the job until the very end, they always delivery professional quality work in a timely and consistent manner.

Interstate Development Company